End-of-year Musings

Dec 21, 2021
civil celebrant

In my blog this time last year, I looked forward to 2021 with optimism. Perhaps I was a little naive, but at least it has not been the write-off 2020 mostly was.

Personally, although our son had to isolate with COVID, his attack was not severe – and he didn’t pass it on to us, for which we are grateful. I have had to undergo a couple of (unrelated) medical investigations, but it seems as if there is nothing to worry about there, Otherwise, our health has been good.

We got to celebrate our son’s achievement a few months back: he saved the life of a potential suicide. He got quite a bit of press coverage, but he saw it as “all in a day’s work”. We were dead proud of him, as you’d expect!

We did manage a holiday – although two nights in Essex is not everybody’s idea of an exotic trip! However, we greatly enjoyed it and appreciated the chance for a break, brief as the trip was. We might even return next year …

Work-wise, my celebrations business has been slow to take off after lockdown was relaxed last July. I did enjoy three autumn weddings, but there’s not a lot in my diary for 2022 or beyond, which surprises me a little. But normally, January sees a rush of bookings, so I am not downhearted. As I write, I have been booked for a Spring elopement, which should be amazing.

Funerals have been forthcoming, as you might expect. In fact, I have never done so many in one year (over 50). I’m so glad I’ve been able to make a difference to so many people at such a difficult time. Without wishing ill on anybody, I hope that that momentum continues, and that I can still make a real contribution.

If you’ve been following me during this year (or before), then I’d sincerely like to thank you and ask you to keep up the habit! Please rejoin me at my next blog (in January).

Meanwhile, may I wish you and those close to you all the very best for the festive season, and a very happy, prosperous and healthy New Year.

See you in January!