Does a Celebration justify the expense and effort?

Feb 19, 2024
Alternative outdoor vow renewal

Finances are not easy for many of us. We are often reluctant to spend. It’s natural to want to hold on to what one has got.

Organising an event, even with the help of professionals, can be daunting. And expensive.

So why bother?

The Attractions

One reason for a celebration is precisely because we are living in trying times. It really is important for morale that we do some nice things.

Then why not celebrate a special occasion? Ten or fifteen years of marriage, say, is worth marking.

It can be so good to throw oneself into a project (in this case, organising an event). Good for you; good for participants and, of course, guests

So why not have something meaningful and beautiful for everybody to look forward to?

What to Celebrate?

A few suggestions of events you might like to mark are as follows:


Not everyone’s cup of tea, of course, but a wedding is a fabulous milestone to mark.

Nowadays, there is a lot of freedom as regards the ceremony (and, indeed, the reception).

You can have a traditional (ie religious) ceremony in a church. You can have a registrar-led ceremony, which will be totally secular. Or you can choose a civil celebrant ceremony (on top of the register office one), which can be as religious (or not) as you choose. And, of course, it can be unique to you.

You also have the possibility to choose your venue, if you’re using a celebrant.

Then, for the reception it’s down to your budget and choices.

Vow Renewals

It’s very popular to celebrate a particular anniversary (especially for a time-span ending in -5 or -0 years.

You may have said your marriage vows some years previously. However, your circumstances may have changed. The family may have grown; maybe the couple has come through a rocky time (health, wealth or relationship).

Unlike a wedding, there is no paperwork involved, so you can really have the ceremony that you want. The wording is up to you (within reason, I’d suggest!), as is the nature of the ceremony.

Naming Ceremonies

“Namings” suggest babies. This can be a non-religious way of marking a life-cycle event for a baby.

But it can mark an older child (or adult)’s change of status. They may have been adopted and/or families are being blended.

Or someone had never been baptised and wants some sort of ceremony now.


Handfastings are just one of numerous rituals that can stand alone or simply enrich a celebration.

Again, just ask for more information.

It is possible to mark many other events (even including a separation!), but I hope I have got you thinking how you may be able to celebrate a special occasion. If so, feel free to contact me for more input and help!