Do wedding vows have to be serious?

Dec 7, 2012

Out-of-the-ordinary Wedding Vows

It’s not always easy when you want to write your own wedding vows. In another blog, I plan to be offering some advice on serious vows, but for now here are a few suggestions of the more light-hearted variety!


Groom: I promise not to leave my empty beer cans in the lounge overnight. I promise not to go out to the pub every night. Not every night.

Bride: I promise to learn to cook at least two different dishes by the end of next year.

Groom: I promise not to leave my shoes all over the hallway. I even promise to take my shoes off when I come in …

Bride: I promise to wait until after the wedding day to tell you what I think of those shoes. 

Groom: I promise to ask a passer-by the way, if I get lost.

Bride: I promise we won’t see my parents excessively. Of course, they may visit us the weekend we’re not with them.

Groom: I promise not to clean my football boots in front of the television. I promise not to keep the take-away in business single-handed.

Bride: I promise  not to cancel the Sky Sports subscription without at least a day’s warning.

Groom: I promise to allow you to go shopping at least once when we’re on holiday.

Bride: I promise to make you proud of me by buying a lovely new handbag every month or two.

Groom: I promise to look interested when you tell me about your day.

 Bride: I promise to care for you tenderly if your illness is neither man-flu nor hangover-related.


Ah! Such happy days in prospect!