A Destination Wedding

Jun 24, 2014

You may have decided on sunnier climes than Britain’s for your wedding. Who can blame you? Destination weddings are  understandably popular nowadays.


You may decide that you don’t want much or even anything in the way of religious elements. You may want some personal input into your ceremony. And you may well want something more meaningful than a registry office wedding.

Then a civil celebrant-led wedding could be for you.

What exactly would be involved?

You’d need someone who can advise you about the legal side.

You’d need someone who can tailor-make the ceremony for you. If you want ritual, you should have it. If you want spiritual elements, then likewise. If you want special music, why on earth not? And why not choose the participants?

A good celebrant will work with you, encouraging you to make the very best choices for your day.

What marks out a good celebrant?

You should check out the celebrant’s website. You may get a feel for his/her personality, especially if there’s a video. As you’ll be working with them quite a bit before the ceremony and certainly on the day, you’ll want to feel comfortable with them.

Don’t commit before having a chat face-to-face, on Skype, or by phone.

Religious or not?

Your celebrant should customise the ceremony so that you can have as much or as little religious component as you choose. There’s nothing to stop you from incorporating elements from different faiths or backgrounds, if you so choose. You should be able to select special readings or music. A good celebrant will be happy to incorporate these and to offer advice. Dress is also down to you – and that can include the celebrant’s attire.

Other important points

A good celebrant must be prepared to co-operate with the photographer/videographer. After all, you are going to want to have the best possible mementos of the occasion.

Another important element is presentation. You therefore need a celebrant who has excellent presentation skills. There may be a PA, but it helps if the celebrant is clearly-spoken and can project their voice. A sense of humour may be invaluable too!

It pays to choose your celebrant with care. Don’t necessarily use a friend, although being able to relate to the celebrant is paramount. Do ensure, as far as you are able, that you go with a competent person, with a pleasant manner, whom you believe will do a professional job.

These remarks will equally apply to choosing a civil celebrant  for a British as well as a destination wedding, of course. I plan to make a few remarks about destinations and things to beware of in a future blog, so please watch this space!

Michael Gordon can help prepare and conduct a tailor-made civil ceremony in or around London or, indeed, in Europe.