Death on Coronation Street

Jan 6, 2014

I confess that I rely on my good lady to keep me up-to-date with the latest issues in the TV Soaps. Apparently, death on Coronation Street is the current subject.

I understand that Hayley has limited time to live, and one of the issues she is looking at is her funeral. A humanist celebrant has been called in and appeared at the end of last week.

I don’t know whether the celebrant will return, but for many people that appearance will probably be the first time that they even became aware of the existence of funeral celebrants.

As a civil funeral celebrant myself, I am delighted that word may now spread, not just for potential increase in my business, but also because a lot of people would want my services, if they only knew they existed.


What people know

If anybody has heard of a celebrant at all, they will know that a civil celebrant offers choice. It doesn’t have to be a full religious service. For those who want something else, the celebrant can be the answer.

A humanist may only offer a totally non-religious service, but an independent civil celebrant can offer that too – or a ceremony that includes spiritual content or even a touch of religion –whatever the family wants. The whole point is that the ceremony can be tailor-made, down to the smallest details.

What people don’t know

You can choose your own funeral in your lifetime!

If you wish to exercise some control over what happens after you die, there is nothing to stop you getting in a celebrant (as Hayley did) just before death or, indeed, while you are in the rudest of health. You can discuss your plans with the celebrant, who can write the service (with or without eulogy) that you choose (including music, readings, readers, rituals, etc.) for you to approve. That way, you ensure you get exactly what you want.

Then you inform your next-of-kin know about what you have planned.

Those left behind after your death will not have the extra stress of organizing the service. They will be grateful and your wishes will be respected.

In fact, next-of-kin may take the initiative and arrange for a celebrant to meet the relative concerned (along with themselves) and start discussions off.


To have a frank, informed, relaxed conversation about a funeral over a cuppa or, simply to ask a few initial questions, please contact Michael now on 0208 866 4326.

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