May 30, 2022
celebration crown

As a wedding celebrant, “congratulations!” is very much part of my vocabulary. I was going to say “everyday vocabulary”, but there’s nothing everyday or mundane about a special occasion! Each one deserves to be celebrated to the full.

I know this is a little premature, but my usual blogging day is Tuesday and the following Tuesday would miss the Jubilee celebrations, However, I wouldn’t be the first to start early.

Obviously, I’m directing these particular congratulations to our monarch, Queen Elizabeth. I somehow doubt if she’ll be reading this (although I suspect she may be a secret subscriber!), but such an occasion cannot be ignored.

I’ve been in business as a celebrant for almost ten years; the Queen for 7 times as long. Even if she wasn’t still fulfilling a daunting workload in her nineties, the length of her service would be impressive. She may not have originally wanted to be queen, but she has certainly embraced the role and taken it seriously. She has totally devoted herself to it.

I don’t expect my business to go on as long as the Queen’s (perhaps I will double the present length of my service, if health allows), but I hope I can share her commitment and skills in some way.

I simply congratulate Her Majesty, and wish her continued good health so that she can continue to inspire others and to work on as long as she wishes to.

Congratulations, ma’am!