Civil Celebrant Suffering

Aug 31, 2017
lovely wedding venue

As a civil celebrant, I am something of a luddite. I don’t really ‘do’ technology.

However, I admit to using scheduling. Thanks to this miracle, this post has been written a few days ago and is being published automatically. I needed to do this because today (‘today’ in the future, not in the present, you understand!) I am flying to Cyprus.

Regrettably, it is not for a holiday, although, if I get the opportunity to enjoy myself, I shall be prepared to do so. Rather, it is to work.

I am being flown over to conduct a wedding in a five star hotel tomorrow.

What could be better?

Here is a glimpse of paradise that awaits:

Not all sunshine, seaside and swimming

I have some reservations, though.

As I write, I am having to fit in quite a lot of work that needs to be done by the time I get back, and that, frankly,  is putting me under a fair bit of pressure.

I have never been to Cyprus, so am dependent on others for actually finding the venue in good time.

It is an open-air site (overlooking the shore!), but I burn readily, so am concerned about the sun and heat.

I am being paid to work for one day, but (and this is my fault for not thinking it through) I am going to miss two days’ potential work, as I’ll be spending them travelling to and from the island.

I shall miss my family, although it is for three days only (and there are such things as e-mails and texts, even in Cyprus! I may be a luddite, but I can usually manage those!).

I am being taken slomewhat out of my comfort zone with this.

Poor thing!

In case you are feeling too sorry for me, I have to point out the following:

I have been selected and paid to go on a trip to what looks to be a fabulous destination.

To go out of my comfort zone means that I shall be challenging myself, and there’s nothing like challenge to aid self-development.

I shall be part of two families’ big, big day, and feel very privileged. I hope to add a dash of sparkle to them and all their guests, and make their day unforgettable.

On a practical level, I am bringing a panama hat, so can protect myself from the sun!

On a business level, I hope to impress and gain referrals.

When all’s said and done, I realise that I have a lot more to gain than to lose.

So I’m just going to have to put up with being part of a high society wedding in a 5-star hotel in a superb location. (Well, someone has to do it!)

It’s nice that there are some perks to the (not always glamorous) job of being a civil celebrant!