Choosing Your Wedding Suppliers

Dec 4, 2023
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Choosing your wedding suppliers is a potential minefield.

Which suppliers will you actually need? What sort of budget can you allocate to each one? How do you choose between suppliers of the same (or similar) articles? How do you know they will be reliable?

Necessary Suppliers

Only you can decide which suppliers you are going to engage. Among others, you may need a venue, an officiant, a photographer, florist, DJ or musicians, entertainment, caterers, make-up artist, hairdresser, wedding planner – and the list goes on!

Once you’ve decided what you’re going to need, discuss your budget. This may be ‘chicken and egg’ – how do you know how much to allocate to each supplier?

You may have to ask around, before you can fix your budget, but how do you choose between suppliers?

A few answers.

Choosing between suppliers

Personal experience of a supplier (or knowing somebody who has used one) can help you select between two suppliers with similar offerings.

Otherwise, go to their website, and see if that helps you. The “reviews” or “testimonials” page may be useful. You can get a flavour of what the supplier might offer and how they would deliver it.

Make contact with the likeliest suppliers in each category. A personal chat (either in person, by Zoom, say, or even on the phone) may inspire you sufficiently. But be prepared with a list of questions.

You’ll need to cover: availability, cost, Ts & Cs (what exactly is included?), cancellation policy and (where appropriate) how they see your vision working.


Of course, there are no concrete guarantees out there, but gut instinct may help you decide on your supplier. You’d also be advised to see what experience they have. What makes them confident they can offer great service to you?

Hopefully, you easily find suppliers who are pleasant and professional. You need to feel confidence in them, and, if not, look elsewhere.

Once you’ve paid your deposit, keep in touch with your supplier.- but don’t nag! By all means check up that they are going in the right direction, but don’t turn them against you.

Do your due diligence, and you’ll have peace of mind on – and leading up to – your big day. It’s worth hunting out the best professionals.

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Photo: aiony-haust-xCQm5_9aro0-unsplash