Choosing your Civil Celebrant

Jul 18, 2017

Any supplier for your wedding needs to be chosen wisely. That certainly applies when choosing your civil celebrant 


As with any supplier, you will want to be on the same wave-length as him. You certainly need to trust him on such a big day in your life. Can you feel confident in his professionalism? Do you like him?

You’ll probably choose your civil celebrant because you share a vision for your ceremony. Your celebrant will need to appreciate and convey the emotion of the occasion (if that’s what you’re looking for) and/or the lighter, humorous side, where applicable. But be aware: the ceremony needs to be adapted to you, not the other way round!

However your celebrant works, he needs to be able to give you reassurance when doubts or even panic assail you. He will be your rock.


Your celebrant needs listening skills, so he can understand what you really want, and fit in with your wishes. Of course, using his experience, it is proper that he should guide and advise you when needed. But the final choices and decisions are ultimately down to you.

Again, when creating the ceremony, your civil celebrant can offer valuable pointers and guidelines, but the ceremony should, above all, be personal and unique. Your personalities need to shine through. He will need to get to know you – asking some good questions – in order to put such a special ceremony together.

Alternatively …

A civil celebrant is a professional and, if he belongs to a competent Association, will do a professional job. But you could save money by asking a friend or relative to write and conduct the ceremony for you. After all, plenty of people can speak well in public.

You will certainly need to be sure you can rely on him (or her). If he is also preparing the ceremony, he will need to be able to – and have the time to – get to know what you want and find (or compose) suitable readings for the occasion. If he’s not totally committed (or capable), the arrangement simply will not work. Finally, don’t be offended, if he prefers not to do this for you. There may be many reasons why not, but he has a perfect right to say no. It would be better for him to reject the honour at the outset rather than leave you stranded just before the big day!

My unreserved advice would be to use a professional for such a big occasion. Your civil celebrant will be on your side, and knows what works and what doesn’t. He will prepare a unique and wonderful ceremony for you, and will conduct it beautifully. His aim, like yours, is to ensure that your big day is unique and really special.

If you have questions, please contact Michael, who’ll be only too pleased to help you.