Choosing your celebrant for your big day

Apr 12, 2018
Breaking glass ritual civil wedding

Choosing a celebrant is a bit like choosing a plumber. Without a personal recommendation, you have to go by the website – and instinct. If you get your choice wrong, it can be costly in more than one way.

So, unless you know someone who has already used the celebrant, the website is the first port of call.


You will probably find some testimonials there. Take time to read at least a few. You can get a good idea about the celebrant’s service from them.

You can ask to be connected with people who have already used the celebrant’s services. That’s a good beginning.

There may be photos or videos on display. These will help you to ‘get to know’ the officiant a bit. If you’ve taken a dislike to the celebrant at this stage, don’t go any further with them. You will need to get on with and feel at ease with them – especially on the big day.

Direct contact

You should of course contact the celebrant – and arrange either a face-to-face meeting or a Skype call. That should cost nothing, so you are not committed at that stage. Following that initial conversation, you will be able to answer two vital questions:

  • can the celebrant communicate well? Can they speak well and also listen well?
  • do you feel a rapport with them? Are they friendly, experienced and professional?

You may have plenty of questions. That’s fine. You may want to be led by the hand and take advice every step of the way, or you may prefer to insist on all the details yourself. Usually, it’s a combination. What matters is that you are happy with the outcome.

What you need to know

You should receive clear information about the celebrant’s terms and conditions. You will need to know the celebrant’s method of working with you. Cheapest is not always best, of course, and you will have to judge what you can afford to pay.

By all means, compare a couple of celebrants. Don’t let price influence you unduly. What really matters for your special event is whether the celebrant can deliver exactly what you want. You don’t want compromise.

Ideally, your celebrant will allow you to create your perfect ceremony, guiding you clearly and inviting your full participation. He will then conduct the ceremony professionally, memorably and with warmth.

If you follow these tips, you should be sure of receiving the greatest assistance and satisfaction in the build-up to what is certainly the most important day in your life.

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