Cheap Weddings?

Jan 16, 2023
Outdoor handfasting for civil wedding

Cheap Weddings are not common.

I think you already knew that, didn’t you?

But they don’t have to be that expensive. There are ways of cutting corners without skimping on quality.

Obviously, not everyone’s budget or wishes are the same. I’m therefore going to concentrate on just a few common areas (venue, florist, dressmaker, photographer, celebrant) and suggest where savings might be made.

Incidentally, I’m not knocking any of my professional colleagues. I know in my own line the work, training, skill and experience that lie behind an immaculate ceremony. The same professionalism is part of every decent wedding supplier. That doesn’t mean that you can’t save money by doing it yourself. However, you may save less than you think, and it certainly doesn’t save on stress!


I discuss in other blogs how to choose your venue. It is really important that you go with one that you love (and which ticks all the boxes with its Ts & Cs). You may need to book a year or more in advance to secure it.

You are more likely to hire that dream venue – and pay less – if you choose a date that is out of season. Special days (like New Year’s Day or Valentine’s Day) are likely to be in high demand and therefore cost more.

Moreover, if you have your wedding in the morning and cater for lunch, you may well see reductions in the fees charged both by the venue and by the caterer.

Finally, if you don’t require exclusivity (ie booking the whole venue), things can work out a fair bit cheaper. It may be logistically relatively simple to use the same room for ceremony and reception – or just two rooms.


It’s tempting to choose flowers whose colours fit in with your theme. If they are not in season, they have to be brought in, and this can add quite a bit to the expense. Moreover, local flowers can be marvellous without costing the earth.


It almost goes without saying that the bride wants to buy a splendid dress. Where there’s demand, prices tend to be raised. So this is a major expense.

If you can tolerate the thought, investigate hiring dresses or even buying a second-hand one.

There are potentially a lot of savings to be made here.


There is no simple one-size-fits-all here. You may need to take advice as to how many photographers to hire and for how long. But, again, prices may be reduced if you marry out of season.

i advise that you do book a photographer (at least). Of course, a friend can probably do it, but will they do such a (professional) job? Will the quality of their apparatus be as good? What if they make a (potentially disastrous) mistake?

Do your research, but don’t cut corners on the photographer(s).


Having a person you like and trust up there conducting the ceremony with you at such an important occasion is essential. You shouldn’t cut corners with your celebrant either. Prices will vary, but you’re paying for the time and expertise they can give, the work they put in and their ability to deliver on the day.

Some celebrants may offer discounts (eg for a booking resulting from a wedding fayre or a special offer), but your choice should depend on how much you want to work with the particular celebrant.

This can make all the difference.


I hope this gets you thinking about how you may save money. You may be pleasantly surprised!

I’d be happy to chat with you about any subject raised in this blog.