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Sep 21, 2020
lovely wedding venue

Did you know that one of the favourite places to get married is currently Gibraltar? Apart from the lovely setting, the restrictions (as I write!) are among the fewest in Europe.

People are becoming quite creative in how they deal with marriage under lockdown.

Many folks looked forward to 2020 as a year with a special resonance and chose it as a marriage year. Well, it will never be forgotten, and most people had their plans ruined.

Of course, there are many reasons to marry, but, in most cases, it would be to declare and formalise a loving relationship. The couple used to be able to choose their date freely. Now it may be a question of waiting at least a few months. Inconvenient, but not impossible.

But how long will they have to wait?

Some couples will have decided that marriage under current restrictions is not what they want. There are particular obstacles for some. One of my couples had arranged a bilingual ceremony for last April. Many guests were coming over from France. Then COVID-19 struck! So they postponed the date (to next month, actually). More recently the quarantine regulations became, shall we say, fluid. Guests dared not book crossings from France. There was no foreseeable end to the uncertainty, so the couple have reluctantly decided to cancel altogether.

In my experience, they have been the exception. Most couples have rebooked for 2021 or even 2022. As though it was not hard enough already to find an available date at their chosen venue, regulations have come in (and out!) limiting the numbers of participants. This affects planning, not only for the ceremony itself, but also the reception.

Some have solved this reasonably happily. They have accepted a smaller wedding and even invited one set of people to the ceremony and another one to the reception. (One way to invite more guests.)

Live-streaming has been the solution for a number of couples, and at least this includes family and friends. It may lack atmosphere for the viewers, but it is an acceptable option.

A lot of people have decided to wait and see what actually happens next before taking any decision.

My advice to them is to consult with suppliers the moment you decide on a date. Find out availability, but also check up about refunds and cancellation policies.

I would gladly have a chat with anyone wanting to discuss the type of ceremony they could consider.