Themed Wedding Ceremonies

Feb 28, 2013

No two weddings are the same, but themed wedding ceremonies can make the event stand out even more. But do note that the couple concerned need to be in complete agreement over this from the start, if the whole venture is not to be doomed to failure!


One possible theme is the heavens, and this can be successful in a variety of settings. However, being outdoors, under the stars, has huge appeal. I don’t suppose, though, that I need to point out one tiny hazard: it will be weather-dependent!

exotic wedding dinner (Neli)


Apart from cloud or even rain, light pollution can spoil the effect.  You would probably need to choose a fairly remote location, therefore. However, then there is good old Health & Safety to consider: how will people get to their places if there are no lights? Maybe you can arrange lighting that can be dimmed when the ceremony begins. Or, even nicer, have candles (but pray for no wind!).

For an indoor ceremony, it is still possible to decorate according to the theme – you can download and display pictures of galaxies, comets and stars from the internet. You might even have a telescope in the room. You can have one of those glittery balls you sometimes find in dance-halls or solar system models. Science museums can be a good source.


Finally, your celebrant will help you plan the content of your ceremony: maybe you’ll want part of Holst’s ‘Planets Suite’ or “The Age of Aquarius” (from the musical ‘Hair’) for your music? There’s a huge range of appropriate readings to choose from.


To sum up, first of all, agree on the theme (and, indeed, that you want one!). If you go for the celestial option, decide whether you want to hold the ceremony outside or indoors and at what time. Then choose how you are going to indicate the theme. And finally, hand over to the celebrant for ideas on appropriate readings, poems or music to accompany the event.

I hope these ideas help and that you can now look forward to an amazing day – or evening!