A Ghoulish Wedding

Oct 16, 2015

Not everybody wants a conventional wedding!

I’ve put together, and officiated at, a few unusual ceremonies – atop an Iron Age fort, a handfasting, a house blessing … However, I have not had the pleasure of conducting a ghoulish one!

Of course, with Halloween approaching, my thoughts have turned to things that go bump in the night, the Undead and nasties in general.

Would anyone want to adopt a Halloween theme for the biggest day of their life, though?

Well, evidently the answer is “yes”. It certainly happens. Gothic weddings are not uncommon. And “jumping the broom”, using a witch’s besom, is really quite popular (although probably unrelated to witches, in truth!)

Barn Wedding 2

But why would you want to have a ghoulish theme?

A growing number of people nowadays don’t see why a wedding should be regarded as a merely solemn affair. They want to include humour (to reflect their own personality), and their choice of music can be eclectic, to say the least. They wish to choose their venue, and that might be quite way-out (literally too!) – under water, in a hot-air balloon, on a mountain top, wherever your imagination might take you.

Source: www.telegraph.co.uk

So why not choose unconventional themes for your wedding? You can go with Star Wars or Elvis, or wherever your imagination suggests. Such a theme will bring smiles to the faces of all but the most dyed-in-the-wool sourpusses; it’s a peephole into both your personalities. Why not extend it to the Dark Side, if that’s what turns you both on?

Notice, by the way, that I say “both”. Whatever you do, don’t try and surprise your partner on a subject as big as this!

The important thing to realise is that you are not restricted to a religious wedding in a church, say, if you don’t want it. You almost certainly won’t be allowed a themed wedding at the registrars’ service. However, you can have your theme at a civil celebrant-led ceremony, and, depending how serious etc. you want to be, you may be able to combine it with elements from other cultures etc. Remember that it is your big day, and your wishes should be paramount.

Well, it seems to be growing light – time for me to get back into my coffin. Hope I’ve given you some food for thought and that I may be allowed out to join you in late 2016, and we can share your Halloween wedding together!