A novel idea for a wedding venue!

Jan 22, 2013

Heres’s a thought …!

I am not an ‘anorak’ – I’m not even ‘sad’ – at least, that’s what I think!

I do like trams, buses, trains to an extent, but I don’t know much about them (beyond orienting myself quite well on the Transport for London network). I am not to be found with pen and paper (or i-Pad or whatever) ‘spotting’ them.

So how was it that I risked life and limb to brave the snow and spend all Sunday in the Croydon area on a London Transport Museum Tram Tour?

The answer is that I have an 11-year-old son.

‘nuff said?

I quite enjoyed riding on our special trams, and particularly appreciated the visit to the control centre, which was worth the expense alone. (Oh, yes, I had to pay for all this too! As I won a prize on the raffle, my balance sheet didn’t look quite so bad by the end of the day! )

I learned a few nerdy things, which I won’t weary you with, in the four and a half hours I spent on or near the trams.

One thought that crossed my mind, though, was, if Tramlink could organize our tour to fit in with the running of a normal day’s timetable, wouldn’t it be possible for an ‘anorak’ to celebrate his (it’s not going to be ‘her’, surely?!) wedding on a tram?

That would be something memorable!