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How serious should a wedding ceremony be?

28 November 2017

I know: how long is a piece of string?! Everybody’s take on humour at a wedding ceremony is likely to be unique, so there’s...

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Marriage Mishaps

8 August 2017

Let me not mislead you! “Marriage mishaps” do not mean marriages that break down. Rather, I am referring to mishaps that occur at weddings....

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Memories are made of this
Memories are made of this

6 June 2017

You may have seen photos on my website of one particular wedding where I officiated. They bring back lovely memories for me (and, hopefully,...

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Successful Marriage

30 May 2017

Congratulations, if you’ve just got married! But remember that, once the excitement dies down – and the honeymoon becomes a memory – you need...

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A Valentine’s Day Fable

14 February 2017

Valentine’s Day – well, it’s all about romance, isn’t it? Visions of romantic, candle-lit dinners. Scores of love-struck Romeos on their knees proposing marriage...

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No marriage made in heaven

15 November 2016

A cautionary tale. It’s about a marriage that was not to be! In September, I received an e-mail from Ukraine asking if I was...

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