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Turn Wedding Dreams into Reality

29 July 2014

A full religious wedding doesn’t rock everyone’s boat. The non-religious ceremony offered by the Register Office will tick some people’s boxes, but it is...

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Edwardian Weddings

15 April 2014

Avid readers of my weddings blog may recall that I have referred to a book, originally dating from 1904 and recently republished by A...

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A successful wedding ceremony
A successful wedding ceremony

5 November 2013

As with most things, you have to put in the work in order to ensure success, and a wedding ceremony is no exception. This...

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The Wedding Industry in China

1 October 2013

Continuing the international trend of my blogs, here’s some information I have researched about the wedding industry in China. Some big numbers! Apparently, there...

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Weddings Polish-style

24 September 2013

As an Independent Celebrant, I can encounter the exotic, or at least out-of-the-ordinary, at any time. This gave me the idea of researching a...

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What makes a good celebrant?

10 May 2013

The big question A celebrant can make or break your big day. So what makes a good celebrant? The answers Be knowledgeable First of...

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