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Save money on Vow Renewals

26 March 2013

Wonderful and significant events as vow renewals certainly are, they do cost money.  However, they do not have to get out of control! Assuming...

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Anyone for a funeral?

15 March 2013

I have just done something that I suppose most of you have not wanted to do or ever done before. Although a layman, but...

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Writing Your Own Marriage Vows (Part II)

14 March 2013

Last time, we looked at reasons for writing your own marriage vows. We also looked at suggestions how best to go about this. Of...

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Writing Your Own Marriage Vows

12 March 2013

One of the beautiful things about organizing a wedding together with a celebrant is that your ‘script’ can be exactly what you want. And,...

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A Wedding with a Difference?

7 March 2013

A lot of people don’t realise it, but there is another way for weddings. You don’t need to have your wedding in Church just...

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Has marriage served its purpose?

5 March 2013

These days, everybody seems to be putting in their ha’porth about marriage. It’s becoming quite emotive. I don’t see why I shouldn’t add to...

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