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What Makes a Healthy Marriage?

18 April 2013

Most of us would aspire to a healthy marriage. I recently wrote about how to survive marriage (https://vowsthatwow.co.uk/?p=600). Let’s be more positive now, and...

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How to Survive Marriage

16 April 2013

What really makes relationships work What I am going to look at is a very important subject – namely, how to survive marriage and...

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Your wedding reception guide
Your wedding reception guide

11 April 2013

Congratulations! You are now newly-weds. First to arrive at the reception, you wonder what happens when? Don’t fret! The professional toastmaster (if you have...

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What happens when – your wedding guide

9 April 2013

A Church wedding Being faced with your wedding, especially if it’s a big event, can be pretty unnerving. Fun, exciting and wonderful – but...

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Save money on Vow Renewals

26 March 2013

Wonderful and significant events as vow renewals certainly are, they do cost money.  However, they do not have to get out of control! Assuming...

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Anyone for a funeral?

15 March 2013

I have just done something that I suppose most of you have not wanted to do or ever done before. Although a layman, but...

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