Dynamic moves afoot for Civil Celebrants

30 July 2013

“Dynamic” might not be the word that comes straight to mind when talking about associations for civil celebrants, but actually that fits the bill...

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Forgettable Weddings

22 July 2013

I like a wedding as much as the next man or woman – and I should: I’m a civil celebrant. But there are certain...

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A Wedding Speech – or death?
A Wedding Speech – or death?

16 July 2013

Many people fear delivering a speech more than they fear death! (Apparently, this is a statistical fact!) The likelihood is that most people will...

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Can Marriage Be Taxing?

9 July 2013

OK, so the title is a poor play on words, but understanding the tax implications of marriage can prove very important. Proposed tax break...

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What is the Point of Vow Renewals?

2 July 2013

Why renew your vows? As you approach those mid-life years, perhaps, you may feel the urge to renew your marriage vows. There can be...

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Engagements 100 years ago

28 June 2013

I recently came across a lovely, very quaint book published by A & C Black called “Don’ts for Weddings”. You can find plenty of...

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