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Has marriage served its purpose?

5 March 2013

These days, everybody seems to be putting in their ha’porth about marriage. It’s becoming quite emotive. I don’t see why I shouldn’t add to...

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Themed Wedding Ceremonies

28 February 2013

No two weddings are the same, but themed wedding ceremonies can make the event stand out even more. But do note that the couple...

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Conducting a Ceremony at Home
Conducting a Ceremony at Home

26 February 2013

Home or garden-based ceremonies are becoming more common. I’d like to suggest a few tips to make planning the occasion less stressful. I am...

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Choosing a Celebrant for your big day

18 February 2013

Choosing a celebrant is a bit like choosing a builder. If you haven’t got a personal recommendation, you can only go by the website...

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Discrimination between marriage and civil partnerships licences

13 February 2013

Just over a week ago, the Guardian published an article which raised my hackles! Is this fair? Apparently, although it only costs £120 anywhere...

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