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The crematorium – just another day at the ‘office’?

12 February 2013

Being a celebrant usually means I am involved with happy events such as weddings. However, as part of my training to be a funeral...

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Getting the Most out of your Wedding Ceremony
Getting the Most out of your Wedding Ceremony

7 February 2013

The success of your wedding ceremony will be a full reflection of your preparation for it, regardless of which end of the market you...

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Your wedding – a day of harmony?

5 February 2013

Of course your wedding day should be harmonious! What about the run-up to it, though? For a start, you may not have a lot...

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How 400 Prostitutes helped me become a Celebrant

31 January 2013

I never had any ambition to become a celebrant. (In fact, a year ago I didn’t even know what one was!) I only heard...

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A novel idea for a wedding venue!

22 January 2013

Heres’s a thought …! I am not an ‘anorak’ – I’m not even ‘sad’ – at least, that’s what I think! I do like...

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